Software Localization

Application localization to several languages...

Do not limit yourself to release your application in its original language.
Multiply your potential customer market, transforming your application in a multilanguage application.

Nowadays, thanks to a global market, we are closer to expand our business internationally than what we think. A first step can be easying international customers using your application.
At least, your application should be available in english.

What we offer?

  • Latest and state-of-art technologies in localization.
  • In a big number of cases it is not neccessary to provide the application's source code, keeping safe your intelectual properties.
  • We can translate to the most important languages.
  • Complete service:
    • We translate your application.
    • We translate user manuals and help files.
    • We translate marketing materials (brochures, mailings,...).
    • We translate the corresponding Website (if you do not own one, we can create it).
    • ...
  • ...

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are an application developer. We will let you the opportunity to offer your application in several languages in a easy way and without troubles.

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Software Localization