Graphical Design & Infographics

Corporate Identity, Animations, 3D...

Corporate Identity
"A picture paints a thousand words..."

Nowadays, a good corporate identity is as important as a good service.

Our experienced staff has graphical designers that can offer your company that "point" of creativity that can make your company shine.

  • Logotypes design.
  • Brochure and printed materials design.
  • Graphical works in marketing campaigns.
  • eMailings design
  • ...

Infographics, Animations and 3D Design
"A picture paints a thousand words... do we create an animation?"

Mizaro Iberka is expert in creation of bidimensional and tridimensional contents.
Our services covers:

  • Architectural Design and Virtual Walks:

    We develop all kind of architectural designs. We create 2D drawings to be incorporated in brochures and 3D representations of 2D drawings.
    Experts in CAD applications, we have high quality proffesionals.

  • Mechanical Design:

    Proffesionals of mechanical design can collaborate with your company in the process of creation those designs neccesary for manufacturing your product.
    As experts in mechanical design (CAD / CAM / CAE), and using the market standard tools, we offer services of design and training, thanks to our big knowledge.

  • 3D Design and Animation:

    Photorealistic images, 2D and 3D animations.
    FLASH animations, games, promotional videos, multimedia presentations,...
    Using the latest technology and the most advanced applications, we can cover whatever type of infographical project you need.

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