Mizaro Iberka

Web Design, eLearning, eCommerce, Software Development and IT Consulting...

Our company was founded in 2007, thanks to the effort of an enthusiastic group of people - developers, designers,... - willing to offer real solutions to companies. Without bells and whistles, only interested in finding the best solutions to optimize the day-to-day of companies' work.

Having worked for several companies in the market and related markets, we decided to join efforts to create a company that was able to offer the needed IT services for companies, in a versatile and direct way as opposite to bigger companies.

Nowadays, Mizaro Iberka, thanks to a business model based in the collaboration of several professionals from different areas to make up a "whole" that permits any project to be developed, has worked for - or work with - several of the most important spanish and international companies.

Mizaro Iberka is a reliable company with an anual constant growth, in turnover terms, of 30+ %. And we hope to continue that way for a long time!.

¿What are we looking for?

We want to take part in your success...

Our customers' success is our success too. Because of that, we try to offer an integral service that let your company relieve IT tasks to experts - optimizating those tasks -.

Mizaro Iberka is not looking for business relations, we try to create a closer relation that let yourself fell that we are part of your company.

Recent News

Information about latest achievements of Mizaro Iberka...

Mizaro Iberka gets consolidated in the e-Learning business
Thanks to our great portfolio of finished projects, we got consolidated as a main partner of several big spanish companies.

Online courses finished
Thanks to the collaboration with an important consulting company, Mizaro Iberka successfully finished projects for Mapfre, Deutsche Bank and Zurich.

Internal online courses for one of the most important spanish IT companies
In collaboration with a consulting company, Mizaro Iberka will develop online courses for one of the most important IT company's staff.

New technological alliance
Mizaro Iberka will work together with a new international consulting company.


Our goal is offer a service with such quality that only lead to our customers' success - and our success too -. We convert relations with our customers in a task of seeking a further relation than the business one. We get converted in your travelling companion searching the better we can get.