Software Development

C++, Java, .NET, Windows / Linux / Mac...

We have experts developers in a vary of development languages.
As our company's startup area, application development is a very important area for ourselves.

We develop for all kind of markets, using the best state of art technologies.

What we offer?

  • Expert developers in C++, Java, .NET (Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#).
  • Multiplatform applications (Windows / Linux / Mac).
  • Corporate Management software.
  • Applications for third-party applications(AutoCAD ans similar).
  • Application development for critical systems.
  • ...

If you have in mind a project that wil be able to improve your company's proccess, do not hesitate to contact us, without obligation. We will show you how a computer application can bring your company to success.

If you are not a company, but wish to have that great all-doing application, and exactly all, of your dreams... Do not hesitate, we are here to make this idea become true.

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Latest Projects

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Simple Invoicing for SMB and Freelancers
Windows Invoicing Application.
Instead of offering thousands of functionalities that you will never use, this application, thanks to a clear and easy interface, let small companies and freelancers manage invoices and delivery notes in agile way.